De la obeza la toata numai fibra. Ironizata pentru greutatea ei, s-a transformat intr-o femeie sexy si tonifiata

Meghan Gilbert este o tanara de 21 de ani din Statele Unite, care toata adolescenta a fost ironizata si arata cu degetul din cauza greutatii sale. Nu s-a multumit doar sa slabeasca: tanara arata acum ca o antrenoare de fitness.

Blonda, ochi albastri, abdomen super plat, fund bombat si coapse musculoase. Nimeni nu ar fi crezut ca in urma cu ceva vreme tanara avea peste 90 de kilograme, colacei si celulita cat cuprinde. Meghan a  suferit de o tulburare allimentare, care o facea sa manance necontrolat.


JANUARY 2018-MAY 2018 - this is my SECOND weight loss journey!! (Swipe to see my first transformation) What a difference already made. I relapsed back into depression and ate away my feelings. I would eat cookie dough like every single day ???? I was stuck and depressed because I wasn’t working and I felt like I had no purpose.. but that was the enemy speaking. I gained weight due to my MENTAL health. I finally hit rock bottom. I lost someone so dear to my heart because of the person I became. But hitting rock bottom SAVED me. I decided I wasn’t going to let it keep me down and I got my ass back into shape. I started to work on myself slowly but surely. I went Vegan, which limited my options with food. I got close with God again, and He reminded me how beautiful and precious my body is. Therefore, I promised Him and myself that I would learn to love myself and respect myself again. I took my mistakes and I learned from them. I started working out at the end of March and I was at 177 lbs. today I’m 165 and 4 sizes down. My fat is transforming into muscle and ITS SO COOL ???? help me help you. Learn from my life and my mistakes. Push yourself... I promise you can go further than you think. Struggle and hardship make you stronger.. stay swole my loves????????????????????

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A good friend of mine took my senior prom photos in high school, and when I received them on a CD, I threw it on the ground and stomped it to pieces with a river of tears flowing. Since that day, I couldn't find one prom picture. Thankfully I got them back. The girl on the left was not the Meg that I am today. I started popping pills when i was 14, and had a binge eating disorder since I was very little. That led to depression and self worth issues. People bullied me but I also bullied myself.. the drugs kept getting worse I hated myself more and more by day, until binge eating turned into anorexia. I had an overdose in 2014. No one found me. I was alone. I remember having a vision of seeing my body laying on the floor with my dog pacing back and forth at my feet. By the grace of God, I woke up. I saw the tattoo on my foot "walk by faith not by sight" and I picked up my things and left college. From the moment I woke up and saw that, I knew I needed to change. I told depression no. I told Satan no. I followed God and learned to love my body and every flaw about myself. I embraced life. I found the gym and we have been in a relationship since June of 2015... HE NEVER CHEATS???? the gym taught me persistence, hope, consistance, and how to grow. I learned to take pain and use it to make myself stronger. It starts in your MIND! Change your mindset, pick up your feet, and get to the gym. WORKOUT PLAN IS COMING; i pinky promise it will launching AUGUST 1st!. ❤️ #YouCantGetTheAssYouWantBySittingOnIt ????

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Satula de atatea critici si ironii, Meghan s-a hotarat sa slabeasca si sa isi transforme total corpul. "Cred ca picioarele sunt punctul meu forte. Inainte nu purtam niciodata pantaloni scurti si nu imi aratam picioarele, insa acum imi plac la nebunie asa mari si musculoase cum sunt", spune tanara.


H E A L T H Y// is the best lifestyle to live.. When I look at my senior photo on the left, I feel sorry because she didn't know happiness. Yes, being healthy is obviously not the only reason someone can be happy. But as for an OVERRALL happiness and fighting depression, it really makes a huge impact. The girl on the left looks in the mirror and cries. The girl on the left wouldn't wear shorts her whole life because when she did people would stare and talk. She hated shopping because the fitting rooms light shows you every flaw and piece of cellulite. She didn't like photos unless they were angled from above. She even deleted all her prom photos while crying, because of how she felt about herself.. And to cope with things, she would go get a large sweet tea and fries and eat her problems away.. I could not live like that anymore. After my overdose, I knew something had to change. It started with loving myself. Learning to love myself was my motivation. Learning to care about what I put in my body IS my motivation still. Caring about my health. Having a purpose. That's motivation. It will not be easy at first but I promise it gets easier in the end. It becomes a habit and then eating fast food will not go well with your body anymore so that won't even be an option! It gets better, but you have to start. Stop half assing it and only dieting for half a week. Put your full potential in. MEAL PREP. and don't have any bad foods in your house! PLEASE. Making this decision was the best decision of my life. It changed everything. Life will be better than you could even imagine if you simply just make the change. You can't get the ass you want by sitting on it, so get it NOW.

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Acum Meghan are 60 de kilograme si se simte perfect in pielea ei. Daca inainte manca multa mancare tip fast food, prajeli si dulciuri, acum meniul ei zilnic arata asa:

Mic dejun: omleta din ou intreg+un albus cu spanac; fructe

Gustare: Treci de ovaz cu proteine

Pranz: Pui la gratar cu orez brun si legume

Gustare cu baton de proteine

Seara: Pui cu legume

Dinner Chicken and veggies

Desert: o bucatica de ciocolata neagra 


Mardi Gras Texas Style ????????

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